weidlich haz kicsi Lajos Weidlich (1855-1940), lawyer, attorney general of Vas County had had this groundfloor Art Nouveau building built around 1900, changing the settlement’s structure of the period. In 1857 the district border was running here and this building was the outermost house. It had a special importance in the sense that it broke the line of the street and narrowed the square where earlier markets and fairs had been held. This building was the lawyer’s home and office, too, and in the separate building standing in the yard a stable, a carriage-shed and the flat of an employee were included.
 After Weidlich’s death the doctor’s surgery of dr. István Frühwald and a dental surgery had moved into the building. In 1962 an outpatient Polyclinic started to function here with the participation of a general physician, a surgeon, a paediatrician, a dentist, a gynaecologist and an eye-specialist. The former offices had been converted into surgeries and the entry into the building was possible through the veranda entrance on the eastern side of the building. After the entrance there was a long corridor where the patients could wait after arrival.
 On 1 October, 1965 an ambulance station had started operation in the town. Initially the station was situated in the converted stables in the yard building. Since May 1982 this has been the headquarters of the Ambulance Station of Szentgotthárd.

Address of the building’s location:
Szentgotthárd, Kossuth Lajos u. 12.