The Korona Hotel and Restaurant

klein kavehaz kicsi The oldest lodging house in Szentgotthárd operated in this building. It was built by the Cistertian Abbey in the 18th century and in 1858 it was enlarged by constructing an extra floor on top of the existing building. It could receive its guests and provide comfort for the travellers at the traffic nodal point of the settlement. There were stables in the inner yard where the horses of travellers arriving by horse-drawn carriages could have a rest while the guests could spend the night in their rooms on the upper floor.
 The grand hall of the Korona Hotel was the venue of numerous political rallies and receptions. On 17 March, 1906 Kálmán Széll, the parliamentary representative of the district gave a political account here of the country’s internal situation in front of an audience of some 3-400 persons. On 22 June, 1930 the heads of the settlement received guests here from all over the country and the local county at the gala lunch served after the opening ceremony of the school sanatorium and later at the evening concert.
 Within the walls of the Korona Hotel and in the garden created in the inner yard theatre performances, exhibitions, series of educational lectures coupled with slide or film shows, literary evenings and balls had also been organised. After 1945 the building was operating as a hotel and restaurant for a period of time, but in the 1960s both levels of the building were converted into shops and the inner yard has since been a carpark.

Address of the building’s location:
Szentgotthárd, Kossuth Lajos u. 1.