Primary school

elemi iskola kicsi The former primary school building has been standing on this site since the 18th century, serving as a home of education till the middle of the 20th century and then as a library from 1960.
 As of 1734 the Abbey of Szentgotthárd had come under the control of the monks of Heiligenkreuz. In addition to building the monastery and the church it was these monks who had started the intensive development of the settlement. The groundfloor primary school opposite the church was built at this time and in 1789 it was extended to have three teachers.
 The extension of the school was decided jointly with the Abbey of Zirc upon the initiation of the school board. In 1894 an upper floor was added to the ground floor and thus this eclectic building had included four classrooms, a meeting hall and four teacher’s flats. In 1923 the flats were wound up and thus two new classrooms could be added to the institution. In 1942 the former 6-grade primary school had been expanded to have 8 grades, making the school even more crowded in the following years.
 As soon as the new primary school had been built in the Arany János street, the village library had moved into the building’s ground floor in 1960, followed by the children’s library in 1991. The institution had taken up the name of Ferenc Móra in 2004.

Address of the building’s location:
Szentgotthárd, Széll Kálmán tér 2.