lipp bank kicsi This building was erected in 1906 for the purpose of a bank, in Art Nouveau style with richly ornamented forms. Within the facade tympanum and also on the wrought-iron gate a bee-hive, the symbol of savings banks, can be seen. The ornamented flights of stairs, the coloured glass windows also carry motifs typical of the Art Nouveau style.
 The General Savings Bank Corporation of Szentgotthárd, that was also called the Lipp Bank after its owner, had operated here until 1937. After the winding up of the bank the building had become the home of the Levente Association until 1945.
 After World War 2 the building was the trade union cultural centre of the Scythe Factory. In 1951 it was extended with a garden and the place had gradually become the settlement’s cultural centre.  From 1960 it had been the District Cultural Centre, serving the population of the surrounding areas. It was a kind of „intertrade cultural spot” with a 300-seat lecture hall, clubs and a spacious garden. Its outdoor stage completed in 1961 has still been used by the town to the present day as a venue of various events and programmes.
 The memorial plaque of Lajos Kossuth, after whom the street was named, was placed on the building’s facade in 2002.
 The renovated building is the seat of the Governmental Office of Vas County.

Address of the building’s location:
Szentgotthárd, Kossuth Lajos utca 7.