mariautOn Central-Europe’s way of pilgrimage linking the St. Mary shrines – the St. Mary Way of Pilgrimage - Szentgotthárd is an important station. This way of pilgrimage leads from Csíksomlyó in Transylvania to Mariazell in Austria in the east-west direction, and from Czestochowa in Poland to Medugorje in Bosnia in the north-south direction. Both legs of the way are 1400 km long. These are supplemented by a number of regional routes, one of which links the settlements of Vasvár–Körmend–Szentgotthárd–Maria Bild. Maria Bild was one of the farmsteads of the Cistercian abbey of Szentgotthárd from where pilgrimages are starting out to Maria Bild brennerevery year. Each year, in August, the 1Way International Day of Pilgrimage is organised on the entire length of the St. Mary Way, when pilgrims start out at the same time on each route, visiting all the shrines. After the beatification of János Brenner the local Brenner Way of Pilgrimage had also been added to the routes of the St. Mary Way. It might be a good news not only to religious people but also to all those who start out on a pilgrimage with good intentions and an open heart in order to come to know themselves, the various holy places and the surrounding countryside more deeply. According to modern religious thinking these ways of pilgrimage are ecumenic and open to everyone seeking cultural, spiritual or natural values.


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