Life in the monastery

The monks and the worker brothers lived in the monastery. It was the Order’s regulations that gave the rhythm and frames of their daily life. The times of the klastromprayer meetings were aligned to the movement of the sun: at early dawn, at sunrise, during the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, at sunset and before going to bed – these were the times allocated for the common prayer compulsory for everyone. Between the prayer meetings the routine tasks of abbey life, the tasks assigned by the prior were attended to, or usual work was being performed in the cloister, out on the fields or in the other sections of husbandry. No conversation was allowed during work. The time of prayers was indicated by a chime, and upon hearing it the monks usually went into the church for prayer. If they could not leave the place where they were working, they just drew aside for a little while and prayed there. After finishing their daily work, the evening prayer or the service of vespers was held in the cloister. The lunch after the midday service and the evening supper were served in the refectory on the ground floor of the monastery building. During the meals a monk was reading to his fellow monks from the holy scripture or from other books on a dedicated platform. In their time of rest after work the monks were reading, having conversation or contemplating in the lounge on the upper floor of the monastery, or were doing some research work and studying in the adjacent library.


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